You can access support in your academic department from a number of different sources and you can choose the one that is right for you. Sometimes these roles might differ, depending on whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student. This page gives an overview of the different types of support available to you and lists some of the relevant staff contact details for your department.

Who's who?

Personal Tutors and Supervisors

All undergraduate students and some postgraduate (taught) students, dependant on department, are assigned a Personal Tutor for the duration of their studies.

Your Personal Tutor is an academic member of staff in your department who is there to help you develop academically, personally and professionally throughout your studies. Personal Tutors can offer you support and signpost you to one of the College’s specialist services if you are experiencing any difficulties.

All postgraduate (research) students and some postgraduate (taught) students are assigned a Supervisor who is there to provide academic guidance, and support with the transition into research-led work.

Your Supervisor is an academic member of staff in your department, who is there to support you during your studies and provide feedback on your work. Supervisors can offer you support and signpost you to one of the College’s specialist services if you are experiencing any personal difficulties.

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Senior Tutors

Your academic department will have one or more Senior Tutors, usually one for each different level of study.  Your Senior Tutor is an academic member of staff who has overall responsibility for the pastoral care of students in your department. They support Personal Tutors and Supervisors in fulfilling their roles and provide additional guidance and oversight in more complex situations.

If you’re not comfortable talking to your Personal Tutor about a problem you are facing, whether it’s academic or personal, you can speak to your Senior Tutor. You can find out who your Senior Tutor is below.

Who's who cont

Faculty Senior Tutors

Faculty Senior Tutors are responsible for ensuring the delivery of consistent, high quality support for students in the departments that sit within their faculty. They work closely with the College’s specialist support services and support Senior Tutors in fulfilling their roles. They also provide support directly to students who have more complex concerns or situations. The Faculty Senior Tutors are:

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Student Representatives

Each degree course cohort elects student representatives who work with College staff to shape and improve the student experience. If you have feedback about your course, or another aspect of life in your department, make sure you talk to your student representative. They have regular opportunities to provide student feedback to departmental staff (anonymously where appropriate). Find out who your student representatives are.

Professional Services Staff

Each department has one or more members of staff in the professional services team who are able to provide information, signposting and support to students who are experiencing difficulty. This typically includes the following roles (although specific roles vary between departments):

  • Undergraduate/Postgraduate Administrators
  • Office Managers
  • Liaison Officers/Student Wellbeing Advisors

If you have any questions or concerns about your course, your department or just need some advice on where to get the right support, members of your departmental professional services team will be able to help you.

Your Senior Tutor contacts

Faculty of Engineering (undergraduate)


Dr Siti Ros Shamsuddin (Years 1 and 2)

Dr Yongyung Hwang (Years 3 and 4)

Dr Faraz Janan

Dr Warren Macdonald (Deputy Senior Tutor)

Chemical Engineering Dr Andreas Kogelbauer 
Civil and Environmental Engineering Dr Margaret Szabo 

Dr Maria Valera-Espina

Dyson School of Engineering

Dr Talya Porat 
Earth Science and Engineering

Professor Dominik Weiss

Dr Valentin Laurent 

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Dr Zahid Durrani

Professor Kristel Fobelets 


Professor David Dye

Dr Priya Saravanapavan

Mechanical Engineering 

Professor Bamber Blackman 

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Faculty of Engineering (postgraduate)

Department Name Email

Dr Urban Fasel (PGT

Professor Joaquim Peiro (PGR) 


Dr Faraz Janan (PGT)

Dr Warren Macdonald (PGT)

Dr Sylvain Ladame (PGR 

 Chemical Engineering Professor Martin Trusler (PGT and PGR 
 Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr Adam Sadowski (PGT

Dr Ana M Ruiz-Teran (PGR)


Dr Thomas Lancaster (PGT)

Dr Nicholas Wu (PGR) 

 Dyson School of Engineering

Dr Stephen Green (PGT - Innovation Design Engineering)

Dr Leila Sheldrick (PGT - Global Innovation Design)

Dr Pelin Demirel (PGR)

 Earth Science and Engineering

Dr James Percival (PGT)

Professor Robert Zimmerman (PGR 

 Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dr Imad Jaimoukha (PGT and PGR)

Professor Alexandra Porter (PGT)

Professor Aron Walsh (PGR)

 Mechanical Engineering

Dr Ulrich Hansen (PGT)

Dr Amir Kadiric (PGR)

Dr Monica Marinescu (PGR Deputy Senior Tutor) 

PGT = Postgraduate Taught

PGR = Postgraduate Research

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Faculty of Medicine (undergraduate)

 School of Medicine (MBBS Phase 1)

Prof Mark Nelson (Phase 1a)

Dr Anabel Varela Carver (Phase 1b)

Prof Debbie Jarvis (Phase 1c)

Dr Saira Hameed (Deputy Senior Tutor, all Phase 1) 

 School of Medicine (MBBS Phase 2)

Miss Roshni Patel (pathways A-H)

Dr Louise Fleming (pathways I-T) 

School of Medicine (MBBS Year 5)

Dr Emma Hatfield (surnames A-L)

Dr Priyamvada Tripathi (surnames M-Z) 

 School of Medicine (MBBS Year 6)   Dr Lucy Bingham
 School of Medicine (BMB Year 1) Miss Rahila Zakir 
 School of Medicine (BMB Year 2) Dr Laura Canevari 
 School of Medicine (BMB Year 3) Dr James Gardiner 
School of Medicine (Director of Student Support) Dr Rebecca Salter 
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Faculty of Medicine (postgraduate)

 Institute of Clinical Sciences

 Dr Christian Speck

 Department of Brain Science

 Department if Metabolism

 Dr Wayne Mitchell (PGT)
 Dr Maggie Trela (PGT) 

 Dr Kevin Murphy (PGR)

 Department of Infectious Disease

 Department of Immunology and Inflammation

Dr Toby Andrew (PGT)

Dr Stefano Sandrone (PGT)

Dr Kevin Murphy (PGR)

 National Heart and Lung  Institute

 Dr Duncan Rogers (PGT)

 Dr Charlotte Dean (PGR)

 School of Public Health  Jenny Husbands (PGT and PGR)
 Department of Surgey and  Cancer

 Dr Christos Kontovounisios

 Jennifer Simeon (PGR)

PGT = Postgraduate Taught

PGR = Postgraduate Research

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Faculty of Natural Sciences (undergraduate)

 Chemistry Dr Nick Brooks 
 Life Sciences

Dr Stuart Haslam (Biochemistry)

Prof Stephen Brickley (Biological Sciences)


Dr Christopher Ford

Dr Pietro Siorpaes 


Dr Derek Lee

Dr Sebastien Guenneau (Deputy Senior Tutor) 

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Faculty of Natural Sciences (postgraduate)

Department Name Email
 Centre for Environmental Policy Dr Alexandra Collins 

Dr Phil Miller 

 Life Sciences

Dr Tony Southall (South Kensington)

Dr Will Pearse (Silwood)

Dr Emma Ransome (Silwood) 

 Mathematics Dr Gunnar Pruessner

Dr Robert Forsyth (teaching)

Prof Jeremy Chittenden (research) 

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Business School & Educational Development Unit


BSc Economics, Finance and Data Science

Doctoral and MRes Suite

Specialised Masters Suite

Professional Development

Dr William Cox 

MBA Suite

Finance Suite

Joint Hnours and iBSc Suite

Dr Baggy Cox 

 Management Suite

Summer School

Mr Colin Love 

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Your Wellbeing Advisors

Faculty of Engineering

 Aeronautics  Amy Picton 

 Sandra Roscoe

Geethma Aponsu 

 Chemical Engineering Eghosa Atti 
 Civil and Evironmental Engineering  Michelle Langan
 Computing  Caroline Gilchrist
 Design Engineering Danny Lee 
 Earth Science and Engineering  Anita Murphy
 Electronics and Electrical Engineering  Kelly Greenwood
Materials Olly Swanton  
Mechanical Engineering Naomi Jackson-Macfarlane
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Faculty of Medicine

 School of Medicine Fran Bertolini   Student Services Manager
 School of Medicine  Hannah Behague  Welfare Officer
 School of Medicine  Carly Line  Welfare Administrator
 School of Medicine Juliet Wiredu  Welfare Assistant
Please note the School of Medicine is responsible for UG students only. If you are a PG student, please contact your relevant department contact or your Faculty Senior Tutor. 
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Faculty of Natural Sciences

Chemistry Gabriella Emmanuel

Life Sciences Ella Robson
Mathematics Rothna Akthar
Physics Syeda Razzak
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Business School

Business School 

 Sophie Cutforth

Anna Goodwin