Online Learning Resources

Maths and Stats Online Catch Up

This learning resource is for PhD or Master's students who feel they need to brush up on their Maths and Stats. The College has two banks of revision resources covering A-level content: our four “A-Star” MOOCs, available on edX, and the Metric collection, available on the Web.

P‌lease visit the Metric Pages to enrol and get access to these resources

Please note that this  is a learning resource only and does not count towards the professional skills attendance requirement.

Online Help Sheets

These help sheets, developed as back-up to professional development workshops and courses, provide general, generic guidance and some tips for getting started.

Career Planning

The Career Planning helpsheet provides a brief summary of what is available at Imperial to help you through the stages of career planning.

 Postgraduate Career Planning.pdf

Video resources for Doctoral students

The following web streamed videos have been created by the Graduate School and Dandylion films to offer advice on presenting and passing your viva. Both videos feature academics who provide advice on common questions and concerns and they also feature enacted examples.

The Graduate School would like to thank all the academics and students who provided help and advice in generating these materials.

Since the video was completed Sally Hancock, who took part in the mock viva, has been awarded her Doctorate.