Attributes and Aspirations is now available for undergraduate students to help you with your move to Imperial and university study. It will be available from early September, and you can enrol at any time while you are a student at Imperial.

BSc Economics, Finance and Data Science students: Some of the services discussed in AA have business school specific versions including their careers service. Please be aware you may not be able to access everything mentioned.

  1. Access the course catalogue here
  2. Log in using your Imperial username and password in the top right corner
  3. Click enrol now on 'AA for Undergrad'
  4. You will then be able to access AA from Blackboard Learn

What is AA?

Attributes & Aspirations is an interactive, practical, flexible online short designed to support your skills development, make you a better student, and help you advance your career. It was created based on research into the skills employers and PhD programmes look for, so you can be sure they are the skills that you will need in your future.
AA will introduce you to Imperial and what university learning will be like. You can then choose from a range of skills to develop including communication, teamworking, and time management.
AA is not compulsory, and you do not need to complete it all. By enrolling on AA:

  • You can develop key skills that will help with your studies and in your future
  • You will receive a certificate for each module you complete

Watch the video below to see how AA can help you get ahead

Short cartoon video to give an introduction to the AA programme for undergraduate students