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Finding a place to stay

If you're not staying in College accommodation, finding somewhere to live in London needs to be a priority.

London has a huge range of privately rented housing, but don’t panic if you don’t know where to start your search – Imperial’s Student Hub team can provide plenty of advice and support, even before you arrive at the College.

The support available from the Student Hub includes:

  • A Private Housing Guide, with hints and tips on house hunting
  • Lists of estate agents' properties
  • Advice on tenancy agreements and what to look out for
  • Annual Housing Fair, Private Housing Evening and Find a Flatmate event
  • A new scheme that allows you to use the College as a guarantor in rental agreements if you are unable to find one

One of our student bloggers can give you advice on finding private accommodation in London.

Imperial Home Solutions

Student on her laptop in hallsTo help you navigate London’s huge choice of properties, we run an online property search website exclusively for Imperial students.

Imperial Home Solutions is a great tool for finding rented properties offered by private landlords or other students. You can search by type and size of property, price, area and travel time, and create your own property shortlist.

Imperial Home Solutions is also useful for connecting with potential flatmates via the messageboard, as well as accessing useful information to help with your search, from a checklist of what to look for when viewing properties to advise on contracts and deposits.

The London Rents Map provides a useful overview of rent rates for different areas.

See our Accommodation website for more information about private housing in London.