Students meetingCENTRE FOR SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND INNOVATION PhD and Post-Doctoral Researcher Hub – Online Research Meet-Up
Every Second Tuesday, 11am-12.30pm through Term

To attend the biweekly Tuesday research meet-up [11am-12.30pm] you should read the paper in advance, and feel free to bring your own refreshments! The format will be: 1) first 20 mins, 15 min research presentation of an ongoing research project from the Centre (5 mins for questions); and 2) plenary discussion on a pre-read paper (40 mins to 1 hour); 3) roundtable updates (10 mins). The meetings are scheduled as 1 hour 30 mins, and expected to take between 1 hour and 1 hour 30 mins to allow everyone to engage in the discussion.

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Tuesday 1 December First 20 mins: TBC Paper: de Weck, Olivier, Daniel Krob, Li Lefei, Pao Chen Lui, Antoine Rauzy, and Xinguo Zhang. (2020) Handling the COVID-19 Crisis: Towards an Agile Model-Based Systems Approach. Systems Engineering.

Tuesday 15 December First 20 mins: TBC Paper: Fisk, D. J., & Kerhervé, J. (2006). Complexity as a cause of unsustainability. Ecological Complexity, 3(4), 336-343.

Previous events

Tuesday 20 October: First 20 mins: Dr Karim Farghaly ‘Requirements for visualizing construction’ Paper: Whyte, J. and Sexton, M. (2011) Motivations for innovation in the built environment: New directions for research, Building Research and Information, 39(5):473-482.
This paper is chosen as it relates to teaching on the MSc Innovation in Civil Engineering class that we are teaching this term.

Tuesday 3 November: First 20 mins: Dr Leo Hsu ‘Data-driven design in transport’ Paper: Whyte, J., Mijic, A., Myers, R. J., Angeloudis, P., Cardin, M. A., Stettler, M.E. J. & Ochieng, W. (Forthcoming). A Research Agenda on Systems Approaches to Infrastructure. Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems.
This paper is chosen as it relates to the Centre forward strategy for research.

Tuesday 17 November: First 20 mins: TBC Paper: Grabowski, Z. J., A. M. Matsler, C. Thiel, L. McPhillips, R. Hum, A. Bradshaw, Thaddeus Miller, and Charles Redman. (2017) Infrastructures as socio-eco-technical systems: Five considerations for interdisciplinary dialogue. Journal of Infrastructure Systems 23 (4): 02517002.