Konstantinos Karagiannis

Konstantinos Karagiannis is the managing director of General Technology Ltd in Athens, Greece and the Strategic Advisor of IntelliCasa Ltd in London, UK. Konstantinos has been spending his professional time between London and Athens over the last three years collaborating with prestigious International partners and academic institutions in the areas of Smart Buildings, Smart Home, Building Data Analytics and Indoor Air Quality. He has given lectures on Smart Buildings topics in UCL, City University in London and the University of Savoy, in France. He holds a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MSc in Energy and the Environment, an MSc in Systems Engineering and Innovation as well as an MBA. In the past, he also served as a member of the BOD and as the Technology Transfer Chair at the local ASHRAE chapter.

“My experience as alumni of the MSc SEI helped me identify new business opportunities and innovative approaches about Building systems as well as implement the lessons learned in complex engineering projects. Moreover, I am excited to see that with the latest standard in Building Automation (BACnet SC Nov. 2019), the BMS industry has taken into account cyber security measures that I addressed through my thesis in the programme seven years ago. Added to this, through my participation to the programme I met my fellow alumni Elie Kfoury, the CEO of IntelliCasa that we managed to build a strong team and friendship by working together in international engineering and research projects regarding innovative technologies in the built environment (AI, Machine learning etc).“