We have a regular meeting during term time to discuss cool concepts in condensed matter theory, which is open to everyone. Please email Henry to sign up for the mailing list or drop by spontaneously.

For details of the upcoming meeting, see the sidebar panel on the left of this page.

Past meetings

Date Speaker Topic
24 April 2024 Gabriele Pinna Transport in spin chains
10 April 2024 Sun Woo Kim Bayesian inference and statistical physics
3 April 2024 Ryan Barnett Adiabatic theorem and charge pumping
27 March 2024 Andres Perez Fadon Emergent symmetry at disclinations
20 March 2024 Henry Davenport Excitons in the SSH model
21 February 2024 Krishnan Ganesh BCS theory of superconductivity
7 February 2024 Emir Sezik Path integrals for stochastic systems
31 January 2024 Henry Davenport Fermions in a 1D quantum magnet
6 December 2023 Gino Cassella Neural quantum Monte Carlo methods
22 November 2023 Valentin Leeb Quantum oscillations
15 November 2023 Andres Perez Fadon Chern-Simons theory
1 November 2023 Peru d'Ornellas Chern numbers in real space
25 October 2023 Emir Sezik Berry phases and quantum geometry
18 October 2023 Thivan Gunawardana Wannier states in electronic structure
11 October 2023 Peru d'Ornellas Kitaev honeycomb model
4 October 2023 Krishnan Ganesh Kitaev chain and Majorana fermions