Our research interests centre on the synthesis of novel 2D atomically thin materials with tuneable optoelectronic properties for light harvesting applications and for multifunctional 3D hierarchical structures.

We are interested in investigating the fundamental science of new semiconducting low-dimensional materials for engineering applications relying on scalable synthesis procedures.

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Advanced multifunctional composites of graphene oxide

GO TemplatingGO StructureWe contributed in unraveling the chemical evolution of graphene oxide (GO) upon annealing in the attempt to restore the electrical conductivity. Now building on our understanding of this material we engage collaborations with industrial partners and chemical and mechanical engineers to bring graphene into real applications. We have scaled up the synthesis of graphene oxide in aqueous and organic solvent suspensions to enable fabrication of real scale prototypes. We are developing GO membranes for water filtration and gas separation, new composites for pipeliners, and fabricating new epoxy resins with enhanced thermal, mechanical and electrical properties for airspace coatings.

Relevant Publications

Mesoscale design of multifunctional 3D networks of 2D materials

Nano3D 3DMacro Three-dimensional networks of 2D materials have been emerging as a new way of obtaining multifunctional monoliths with a wide range of potential applications from energy storage to bioelectronics.  Their different functions arise from the unique combination of 2D materials inherent properties and the specific architectural order.  The fundamental challenge now is to establish properties-structure relationship by using highly controllable processes to create ordered structures. Our interest encompasses the development of new solutions for the structuring of 2D materials which can give access to nano-sized structures.

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Semiconducting 2D materials: synthesis and electronic devices

2DFlexible TMD Flake Chemical vapour deposition has seen a recent resurge with the synthesis of graphene on transition metal surfaces. The same technique results to be particularly suited also for the synthesis of group VI-TMDs. Synthesis of wafer-sized films as well as controlled geometries is essential to implement them into nanoelectronic and photonic devices. Our interest overarches graphene and semiconducting two-dimensional materials with the objective to develop methods to grow materials with tailored properties for different device applications. We utilize conventional quartz tubular furnaces and a dedicated bespoke CVD system by VG-Scientia which can host 4-inch wafers as growth substrates.

Relevant Publications

2D Materials for Energy Applications

MoS2/WS2 Heterojunction for Photoelectrochemical Water Oxidation               

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Room-temperature growth of colloidal Bi2Te3 nanosheets

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