Welcome to the UK-EPICS Centre: Pioneering the transition towards an electricity grid powered entirely by renewable energy.

At the forefront of the global challenge to decarbonise the electric power sector lies the integration of massive amounts of variable renewable energy resources (VRE) such as wind and solar. These VREs, marked by their intermittent nature, unpredictable behaviour, diverse sizes ranging from small and distributed (e.g., roof-top solar) to gigawatt-scale (e.g., large solar and wind farms), and near-zero marginal cost, present a paradigm shift in the century-long physical and decades-old economic principles of power grid planning and operation.

UK-EPICS (led by Imperial College London) is an integral part of the EPICS Global Centre, collaborating with academic leaders from United States (led by Johns Hopkins University) and Australia (led by the University of Melbourne). The EPICS Centre recognises that the characteristics of VRE pose formidable barriers to achieving deep decarbonization in the electric power sector. The repercussions extend well beyond, hindering the electrification of other crucial sectors like transportation and building heating or cooling. As we approach the ambitious goal of 100% renewable energy in our power grids, concerns arise about the dramatic rise in cost of electricity and the potential compromise of security of supply.

What sets EPICS apart is our commitment to addressing this challenge head-on. We understand that the transition towards a power grid dominated by inverter based VRE demands a paradigm shift in planning and operation. Our mission revolves around answering a pivotal question:

How can the traditional approach to power grid planning and operation be revolutionized to seamlessly accommodate very high shares of inverter-based variable renewable energy resources, ultimately realizing a power grid with 100% renewable energy? A grid that is not only sustainable, affordable, reliable, but also resilient enough to support the ambitious decarbonization of other economic sectors?

EPICS is dedicated to pioneering scientific principles, developing cutting-edge tools, and curating essential data for decision support to realise a power grid with 100% renewable energy. By doing so, we aim to significantly reduce the transition cost and duration, thereby safeguarding climate and clean-energy pledges.

Join us on this transformative journey towards a sustainable energy future. Together, we can overcome the challenges, redefine the norms, and create a resilient power grid that powers a cleaner, greener tomorrow.