UROP at Imperial College London is a flexible environment. There is no standard (or template) UROP.  40 years of UROP at Imperial has proved that that flexibility is attractive to both students and academic staff (and the broader research areas and groups) in encouraging participation.

However, all UROPs should be planned, supervised and include relevant training with some tangible means by which the student can express their contribution. The most important feature of a UROP is the integration to and experience of the research environment, and we trust that all UROP supervisors will seek to maximise those opportuities for you.

The pandemic has meant that the use of remote (i.e. non campus) options to structure and deliver a UROP continue to be relevant.

You should view a UROP research experience as an introduction to the research environment , and while for some the fruits may be beyond their wildest dreams (a co-authored paper for example), for many it will be a more commonplace experience where they will be able to utilise and develop skills such as data analysis or particular lab skills. Like any “work experience” you will also have a valuable opportunity to improve your confidence, and view life as a researcher.

Please remember that UROP is a voluntary activity on the part of academic staff (and their research groups/area/collaborators) and we ask you to show patience with your supervisor in the lead up to any planned start date.

The guidance provided here is simply to get you thinking about the interactions which will take place as you plan for, then undertake and finally reflect on your UROP.

  • The guidance, perhaps, fits better for a more full-time research experience but is of equal importance for those Imperial undergraduates who might be undertaking a research experience on a more part-time basis during term-time.
  • It is also fair to say that an Imperial undergraduate who is present at the College throughout the planning phase of the UROP is better positioned to interact with their supervisor in planning their UROP, although Skype and MS Teams and Zoom have better enabled external students to interact with their supervisors ahead of arrival.

UROP wishes you all the very best in planning for and undertaking your research experience.