Guidance for after a UROP has concluded

Personal development

  • UROP encourages you to write a brief technical report on your work, if this was not already a pre-requisite agreed with your supervisor. This will benefit your supervisor, as well as yourself, to place on record what you did.
  • It is also reasonable for you to ask your supervisor to write a brief report on your efforts for your personal use (and perhaps for incorporation with your academic record in your home department). Such a report can be extremely valuable when your [home academic] department is called upon to give you a reference.
  • Undertaking any research experience should also end with an opportunity for you to reflect upon your experiences and achievements. Therefore, all students are encouraged to submit a Student Perspective to their supervisor and the UROP scheme. The UROP scheme will then post a selection of "perspectives" on this website. Please see the Student Perspectives TAB.
  • Certification: You may obtain upon request a statement of attendance for your UROP research experience from the UROP team ( This also applies to after you have left.
  • Imperial College students (ONLY) can consider the Imperial College Award .
  • Imperial College students (ONLY) can also use the tools on the Imperial College Careers Service website to consider how best to improve their employability. Please note that the Careers Service is not accessible to UROP participants who are not Imperial College students.


The College periodically evaluates the effectiveness of the programme by means of a survey of student participants. Any plans for future surveys will appear here.

Student case studies

Student case studies "perspectives"

In the meantime, Imperial College is very keen to hear from participants about their experiences.  The scheme posts a selection of student perspectives for the review of future participants. 

A "perspective" should not be too technical, rather it should be a brief account (max two pages of A4) of:

  • how you came to do UROP;
  • how you secured the UROP;
  • your motivations for doing UROP in general and this research experience in particular;
  • any preparation you undertook;
  • the skills and experiences gained from the UROP (including people contact);
  • and how it might influence the remainder of your course and your future career pathway.

Since your "perspective" might be placed on the UROP website please ensure that they do not include any confidential information related to your project and you should ensure that your supervisor reads your “perspective” (and approves any reference to the research undertaken) before it is submitted. 

Please aim to submit your "perspective" on completion of your UROP by 30 September (whichever is the earliest) to the UROP Manager at . Saying that, we will, of course, welcome any contributions at any time!!!!

Questions concerning the student perspective should be addressed to

If you have specific concerns about the management of UROP please email

Feedback about our website

The UROP team is keen to draw on the experience of UROP supervisors and students to build up some principles of good practice. We would greatly appreciate suggestions about material to go on the web-site.

Staff case studies: perspectives

The UROP team would always welcome short testimonials from academic/research staff who have hosted UROP students, whether for the first time or for the umpteenth time!