Vascular Science Network

The Imperial Network of Excellence in Vascular Science launched in 2017 to link researchers, as well as foster pipelines of research from basic to clinical and translational, to further our understanding and developments within vascular science.

The vasculature is of obvious critical importance to many aspects of mammalian biology and medicine, and there are many associated research interests in vascular science throughout Imperial College. Thus, vascular science is truly cross-cutting and does not sit exclusively in any particular Faculty or Department. The Network is non-hierarchical and exists to link vascular researchers at all levels across and within Faculties, and within and between basic and clinical science. It also provides an outward face for vascular biology, engineering and medicine at Imperial for the international research community.

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Key aims

  • Focus on the vasculature within the broader cardiovascular system
  • Increase participation in vascular research within Imperial and expand the multidisciplinary skill set
  • Enhance student training and breadth of vision in the field
  • Increase the external visibility and strategic cohesion of vascular research at Imperial
  • Act as a platform and catalyst for collaborative project and programme grant funding, for fostering young talent through winning competitive fellowships, attracting industrial collaborations and for providing an attractive environment for recruitment to the Imperial Faculty at all levels
  • Support the creation of a series of special interest Centres within the framework of the Network focused on more specific research goals (eg vascular cell signalling, pulmonary hypertension, vascular imaging etc), each of will aim to attract strategic funding

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We hope that you will find our website useful in identifying individuals, research interests and research groups, job and studentship opportunities, on-going events and focused news items related to vascular research and education at Imperial.


Super-contrast Imaging of the vasculature of the kidney using Coherence Analysis and High Frame-Rate Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound

A Stanziola, CH Leow, E Bazigou, PD Weinberg, MX Tang (2018)