By Justin Mason

Taryn Youngstein, Steve McAdoo and Justin Mason from the Centre were delighted to join a group of international experts, led by Bean Dhaun and Dan Pugh and including Maira Karabayas, Neil Basu, Maria Cid, Ruchika Goel, Carl Goodyear and Cornelia Weyand, alongside patient representative Catherine Owen, in writing a Nature Primer on large vessel vasculitis. The comprehensive review covers all aspects of large vessel vasculitis from epidemiology, pathogenesis, morbidity and mortality, clinical investigation, treatment and prospects for the future. The text also includes critical insights from the patient experience. Beautifully illustrated throughout, with the help of the Nature journals team, the review offers a definitive current review for experts and non-experts alike and also represents a wonderful resource for medical professionals in training and for students.     

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1. Dan Pugh, Karabayas M, Basu N, Cid MC, Goel R, Goodyear CS, Grayson PC, McAdoo SP, Mason JC, Owen C, Weyand CM, Youngstein T, Dhaun N.

Nat Rev Dis Primers. 2022 Jan 6;7(1):93. doi: 10.1038/s41572-021-00327-5.

Large Vessel Vasculitis