ATR objective

Our diverse, interdisciplinary research require a wide variety of instruments.  Please scroll down or click the links on the left to find out more about our spectrometers, spectroscopic accessories and other apparatus.

Bruker and Agilent FTIR imaging systems

The FTIR spectroscopic imaging systems couple FTIR spectrometers with liquid-nitrogen cooled MCT Focal Plane Array (FPA)  detectors with 64x64 or 128x128 pixels, allowing multiple spectra from different spatial locations to be acquired simultaneously.  The FPA detector can be placed in a macrochamber or large-sample compartment, allowing a variety of transmission or ATR accessories to be used, or in an infrared microscope, for high-resolution ATR and transmission/reflection imaging. 

Bruker Equinox 55 spectrometer containing a DGTS detector, coupled with an IMAC macrochamber.


Bruker IFS 66/S spectrometer with IRscope II microscope with 128 X 128 Focal Plane Array detector and macrochamber for macro FTIR imaging. The microscope contains a 0.4NA 15x objective and a 20x germanium micro-ATR objective for micro ATR-FTIR imaging, and also an MCT and DGTS detector.s The IFS 66/S contains a DGTS and an MCT detector.



Agilent 670 FTIR spectrometer with Large Sample Compartment for macro FTIR imaging using 64 X 64 focal plane array detector. The 670 spectrometer also contains a DGTS and an MCT detector.



Agilent Cary 620 microscope with Focal Plane Array detector, connected to an Agilent 670 spectrometer. This microscope has a removable germanium ATR objective and a 0.62NA 15x objective for FTIR imaging. The microscope also contains high-magnification optics for high-resolution microscopy and imaging in transmission and ATR modes.


Recently installed Hyperion3000 infrared microscope with Tensor 27 FTIR spectrometer (Bruker) with 64 x 64 focal plane array detector for micro FTIR spectroscopic imaging in transmission and micro ATR modes.



Bruker Tensor 27 coupled with a macrochamber containing a 64x64 FPA detector for macro FTIR spectroscopic imaging. The Tensor contains an MCT detector, swappable with a DGTS detector.



Single-element FTIR spectrometers

All our FTIR imaging systems are capeable of single-element measurements (i.e. the acquisition of a single infrared spectrum), but we also have dedicates single-element spectrometers.  These allow for quick measurements of samples in ATR and transmission modes and are also ideal for extremely fast kinetic experiments, and experiments where the spatial distribution of components is not required, such as well-mixed liquid phase reactions.

Alpha spectrometer
Bruker Alpha P spectrometer with DGTS detector and diamond ATR accessory.

High Pressure and Supercritical Fluid Apparatus

High-pressure and high-temperature experiments are possible using the ISCO pump, high-pressure generator and gas flow cell on a heated diamond ATR accessory.  These conditions enable experiments with super-critical CO2 and other novel materials.

Confocal Raman and FT-Raman

Our Renishaw confocal Raman system (dispersive) allow spectra to be obtained from different depths within the sample and its X-Y stage also facilitates automated mapping of samples.  The FT-Raman spectrometer is connected to a Bruker Equinox 55 spectrometer for fast characterisation of materials and large area measurement.

The Renishaw Raman system with confocal microscope contains a 514 nm 20mW argon laser, and a 785 nm 300mW diode laser. The microscope contains 5x, 20x, 50x and 100x dry objectives, as well as a 50x and a 100x oil immersion objective.
FT-Raman connected to a Bruker Equinox 55 spectrometer with liquid-nitrogen cooled germanium detector.

NTMDT NTEGRA Spectra AFM/Raman system

Our AFM/Raman system with upright and inverted microscope enable the phenomenon of tip-enhanced Raman to be exploited for a variety of samples, with laser illumination from the top or underside of the sample.  The presence of the AFM tip near the sample surface within the beam of Raman laser gives an enhanced Raman signal from the tip, giving a spatial resolution well below the diffraction limit of the laser.


The NTEGRA Spectra AFM-Raman system contains a 473 nm 100mW laser, and a 633 nm 50mW laser for acquiring Raman spectra with a microscope that can be used in upright or inverted modes.

Microdroplet system

The microdrop device enables the deposition of small volume (approx. 110 pL) of liquid samples at precise locations.  Liquids can be heated up to 160 ˚C and so this device can also be used to print wax patterns to create 3D micro structures.

Microdrop system

K550X EMITECH gold/silver sputterer

This metal sputterer deposits thin films of gold or silver onto substrates which can be used for surface-enhanced infared or Raman spectroscopy (SEIRS and SERS).

Metal sputterer

Specac Diamond Imaging Golden Gate

Imaging golden gate

Specac Silver Gate

Specac Silver Gate

Specac Germanium Golden Gate

Specac germanium golden gate

Pike Veemax II Variable Angle

Pike Veemax II

Large Field-of-View Accessory - Specially designed and custom-built for ATR-FTIR imaging of large areas

Large FOV accessory

Specac Multi-reflection ATR accessory

Specac multi-reflection