Bruker and Agilent FTIR imaging systems

The FTIR spectroscopic imaging systems couple FTIR spectrometers with liquid-nitrogen cooled MCT Focal Plane Array (FPA)  detectors with 64x64 or 128x128 pixels, allowing multiple spectra from different spatial locations to be acquired simultaneously.  The FPA detector can be placed in a macrochamber or large-sample compartment, allowing a variety of transmission or ATR accessories to be used, or in an infrared microscope, for high-resolution ATR and transmission/reflection imaging. 

Bruker Equinox 55 spectrometer containing a DGTS detector, coupled with an IMAC macrochamber.


Bruker IFS 66/S spectrometer with IRscope II microscope with 128 X 128 Focal Plane Array detector and macrochamber for macro FTIR imaging. The microscope contains a 0.4NA 15x objective and a 20x germanium micro-ATR objective for micro ATR-FTIR imaging, and also an MCT and DGTS detector.s The IFS 66/S contains a DGTS and an MCT detector.



Agilent 670 FTIR spectrometer with Large Sample Compartment for macro FTIR imaging using 64 X 64 focal plane array detector. The 670 spectrometer also contains a DGTS and an MCT detector.



Agilent Cary 620 microscope with Focal Plane Array detector, connected to an Agilent 670 spectrometer. This microscope has a removable germanium ATR objective and a 0.62NA 15x objective for FTIR imaging. The microscope also contains high-magnification optics for high-resolution microscopy and imaging in transmission and ATR modes.


Recently installed Hyperion3000 infrared microscope with Tensor 27 FTIR spectrometer (Bruker) with 64 x 64 focal plane array detector for micro FTIR spectroscopic imaging in transmission and micro ATR modes.



Bruker Tensor 27 coupled with a macrochamber containing a 64x64 FPA detector for macro FTIR spectroscopic imaging. The Tensor contains an MCT detector, swappable with a DGTS detector.