We presented the first in situ FTIR spectroscopic study of ionic liquids subjected to high-pressure or supercritical CO2. The combination of these solvents provides a new opportunity for chemical synthesis and the purification and separation of reaction products. Implications of this work include broader applications of ionic liquids and supercritical fluids to chemical processes using the combination of these environmentally benign solvents.

Using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy we assessed the molecular state of water in a range of ionic liquids and demonstrated the major role of the nature of anions in interactions with water and in determining water solubility in ionic liquids. This information is needed for the technological use of ionic liquids as alternatives to volatile organic solvents in environmentally friendly programmes. The molecular state of water is fundamental for the properties of ionic liquids as evidenced by over 1500 citations of this work. This study is also one of the top cited papers published in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

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