At White City, we don’t just do brilliant research. We make a difference in the world.

Locally, we want to improve the quality of life for families and residents in White City, and give back to the community of which we are a part. In the UK, we want to catalyse innovation and growth, becoming a model for university-led enterprise districts and driving economic development. Globally, our research into subjects like air pollution, climate change, disease and technology is benefitting society at large.

Growing businesses. Since 2007, our incubator tenants have raised more than £650 million in funding, while dozens have grown to have a national or international footprint. 

Creating local jobs. Our incubator companies have created more than 300 highly skilled jobs in science, technology and the industries of the future.

Ground-breaking research. Imperial is the UK’s top university for high-impact research. Our work advances treatments for diseases like Alzheimer’s, pushes the boundaries of artificial intelligence and machine learning and shapes national policies like the UK’s response to COVID-19.

Attracting investment. In 2018, there were close to 113,000 businesses based in West London. This number has grown more than 30% since 2010, faster than the average growth in businesses in England (22%).

Supporting students. Since 2013, Imperial students have founded more than 40 companies based in White City. Our  three-year survival rate for Imperial student businesses is 81% (compared to the London average of around 50%). 

Inclusive innovation. At White City we work for, and with, our local community. Every year, we engage more than 3,000 local residents with the support of more than 250 students and staff. We have more than 27 local community partners, and more than 40% of our programme participants have been from Black, Asian or other minority ethnic groups.