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Key information

Research theme leads:

  • Ms Valentina Dalpozzo
  • Dr HeeJung Jung

The Women's Wellbeing and Society theme delves into the complex interplay between societal norms, workplace policies, and gender bias, examining their profound impact on women's health, wellbeing and career progression, especially in the entrepreneurial sphere and the wider business context.

A significant focus is placed on the evolution of Femtech (“female technology”) and Femtech startups, highlighting the key roles that Femtech is starting to play in breaking down long-standing barriers in women's healthcare access and correcting historical misrepresentations of women in medical research.

Furthermore, the research theme addresses the unique struggles Femtech startups face due to the lack of women's health data, delaying their ability to secure venture capital (VC) funding due to preference for investments promising quick returns, a criterion difficult to meet without comprehensive data studies. Additional insights are provided on the compounded effect of historical inadequacy and low quality of female-specific health data from clinical trials.

Expanding its scope, this research theme further explores the crucial link between women's professional success and societal wellbeing, offering insights into the conditions and environments necessary for women to thrive both within and beyond their professional lives.

Ultimately, this research theme aims to bring to the forefront the multifaceted barriers women encounter in society, highlight emerging Femtech innovations that facilitate access to healthcare resources, and address the funding challenges faced by Femtech startups due to the long-standing misrepresentation of women in medical trials.