Research spotlights

A picture of Doctor Céline Mougenot

Doctor Céline Mougenot

I lead the Collective Innovation Lab where we develop tools and methods to support the engagement of diverse users and stakeholders in designing technological innovations, such as healthcare apps. I advocate for a gender-sensitive and culturally-aware approach in design and innovation. I emphasise the importance of considering diverse perspectives and amplifying voices from underrepresented groups to contribute to a future where innovation is accessible, fair, and beneficial to all.

Collaboration interests: Support the inclusion of diverse voices in health-related design and innovation projects through co-design workshops.

A picture of Doctor Sarah Essilfie-Quaye

Doctor Sarah Essilfie-Quaye

My research focuses on gender and racial inequalities in academic careers in biomedical research, and the effects of this on under-served groups in clinical research. A major goal of mine is to help create an environment at Imperial where everyone has the chance to make it to the top of their career, whatever their background.

Collaboration interests: Identify opportunities to make policy changes to improve access and opportunity for women into academic and leadership positions. Also, research in areas where women are currently under-served in clinical research.

A picture of Doctor Paz Tayal

Doctor Paz (Upasana) Tayal

My research evaluates sex-specific differences in patients with cardiomyopathy (heart muscle diseases), with the aim of improving outcomes for all affected patients. My work encompasses the impact of sex-specific risk factors (e.g. pregnancy & menopause) on the risk of cardiomyopathy and its complications, sex-specific genetic signatures, and evaluating whether we should have sex-stratified risk stratification in cardiomyopathy.

Collaboration interests: Explore the role of reproductive risk factors in cardiovascular disease and its complications, sex-specific diagnostic and treatment thresholds, and sex-stratified risk prediction.

A picture of Danielle Thornton

Danielle Thornton

I am a senior research midwife passionate about increasing public awareness of research opportunities in women’s health, particularly in relation to sexual and reproductive health. I believe that opportunities to participate in, and access, research should be available to everyone, including those from underrepresented or minority groups. I work hard to facilitate the embedding of sexual and reproductive health research into clinical care pathways.

Collaboration interests: Delve deeper into health policies on women’s health and society. Collaborate with academic and clinical teams to ensure diverse participation in research.

A picture of Professor Mark Woodward

Professor Mark Woodward

I have a long-term interest in sex and gender differences in health and medical outcomes, and bring statistical expertise in this area to the Network. I recognise that unveiling differences, which are mostly to the disadvantage of women, is only the start of the process of achieving equality, which I am impassioned to help achieve through education, policy development and mentoring.

Collaboration interests: Use my statistical expertise to assist collaborators achieve their goals. Conversely, I would value input from specialists into my own research, to enhance interpretation and context.

A picture of Alice Witt

Alice Witt

My research interests sit at the intersection between gender and health. I work on the MESSAGE project (, a policy initiative to improve the integration of sex and gender dimensions in health and biomedical research. I am interested in how institutional norms and policies can shape women’s health and am passionate about translating research in this area into real-world impact.

Collaboration interests: Collaborate with researchers who are either studying sex and gender differences or who are interested in learning how to integrate a sex and gender lens into their current research.

A picture of Dr Mausumi Das

Doctor Mausumi Das

I am a Reproductive Medicine specialist, with a particular interest in reproductive endocrinology, polycystic ovary syndrome and fertility preservation for cancer patients. I am passionate about optimising women’s health and wellbeing by focusing on the prediction and prevention of disease.

Collaboration interests: Examine the specific role of disease prediction and prevention strategies in various aspects of reproductive and gynaecological health (e.g. PCOS, fertility preservation for cancer patients, endometriosis, menopause, premature ovarian insufficiency, and pregnancy), using translational medicine, epidemiology and Big Data.

Jessica Newberry Le Vay

I am a policy researcher with an interest in the links between mental health and wellbeing and climate change. I am passionate about raising awareness of not only the disproportionate health impacts women and girls experience in the climate crisis, but also how vital their leadership is in responding to climate change – especially in ways which simultaneously benefit equity, health and wellbeing.

Collaboration interests: Explore specific climate-related mental and physical health risks experienced by women and girls, and connect research with existing solutions to better understand what support works and how it can be scaled.

A picture of Doctor Carinna Hockham

Doctor Carinna Hockham

I am a non-communicable disease epidemiologist, with an interest in sex and gender differences in chronic kidney disease (CKD) and multiple long-term conditions (MLTCs). I am passionate about raising awareness of the importance of considering sex and gender throughout the research pipeline and addressing knowledge gaps in how women are differentially (or not) impacted by disease.

Collaboration interests: Examine the role of sex-specific factors (e.g. sex hormones and reproductive factors) in the risk and development of CKD and MLTCs.

A picture of Valentina Dalpozzo

Valentina Dalpozzo

I am a Pioneer at Blenheim Chalcot, the UK’s leading tech venture builder, with a passion for entrepreneurship and femtech spinouts and start-ups. My interest particularly lies in studying the impacts of workplace policy and gender bias on women in professional environments and as entrepreneurs.

Collaboration interests: I am eager to explore the influence of societal gender dynamics on women's career advancement and access to entrepreneurial funding.

A picture of Professor David Macintyre

Professor David MacIntyre

Our research is focused on understanding how vaginal microbiota (the collection of bacteria, viruses, and fungi) and their interactions with the maternal host can influence poor pregnancy outcomes, such as miscarriage, preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) and preterm birth. It is hoped that this will lead to improved diagnostic and predictive tools that will assist in patient stratification and ultimately, improved pregnancy outcomes.

Collaboration interests: Explore how new diagnostic and intervention strategies in pregnancy can optimise health outcomes for mothers and babies as well as economic and social benefit.

A picture of Doctor Ada Humphrey

Doctor Ada Humphrey

I am a public health researcher, with a particular interest in equity in women’s healthcare. My research has focused on the use of digital healthcare in low-Income settings as well as the UK. I have a specific interest in the intersection of these two areas – digital healthcare for women’s sexual and reproductive healthcare for reaching underserved populations. 

Collaboration interests: Explore opportunities for the creation, implementation, and evaluation of digital (and analogue!) interventions to address issues of sexual and reproductive health equity, especially in low-income settings.