Cryostreams and autofillers

The cryostreams are fed from 60l filling Dewars that, in turn, are filled from a 160l pressurized vessel controlled by AMI autofillers. 

Cryostream operation

Operating the cryostream is fairly simple:

  • Press Start button.  The instrument will run through a self test until the dialog window reads Cool to 100K.
  • Press blue Start button again.  100 K will be reached after about 20 minutes.

To turn the coldstream off,

  • Press Program button
  • Turn knob next to it to choose Program: End
  • Press Enter to select
  • Turn knob next to it to set ramp rate to 200 K/hr
  • Press Enter to select
  • Press Start and then press Program again.

The coldstream will take one hour to go to room temperature.

Autofiller Operation

The autofiller control unit shows the fill level of the connected filling Dewar in per cent.  With the mode switch in AUTO, the control unit will activate a solenoid valve to start filling from the 160 l pressurized vessel when the fill level drops below 30% (set point B).  It will fill until 80% is reached (set point A).  HI and LO on the turn knob indicate the high and low alarm.  None of this should be changed during normal operation.

Information on cryostream and autofiller maintenance exists elsewhere.