To go to a synchrotron, a dry shipper, puck insert and backpack are needed.  To send crystals, you need a dry shipper, puck insert and shipping box.

Preparation of dry shippers

Start one day before sending or taking samples

  • Fill the dry shipper to the brim with liquid nitrogen.  This will boil off rapidly and cool the foam inside the shipper.
  • Refill after an hour and then again, until nitrogen remains liquid in the shipper.
  • Fill the shipper with pucks.
  • Right before departure or pickup, empty shipper of nitrogen.

The shipper must be completely dry to avoid safety or security concerns.

Creating a Shipment: IspyB

IspyB serves as Diamond's sample management system.  To ship your dewar, you will need to use ispyb to register the dewar and your samples, as well as book a collection using Diamond's DHL account.  Read a guide to creating shipments in IspyB.

List of dry shippers

This is what we have in South Kensington.  The X-ray facility should be your first port of call when looking for a shipper, but other labs are usually happy to lend theirs.  All dry shippers are tagged with bar-coded labels from Diamond and registered.

List of dry shippers

LaboratoryDry ShipperPuck insertShipping BoxBackpack
X-ray Facility DLS-MX-0578
3 1 1
Ali DLS-MX-0218 1 1 -
Curry DLS-MX-0576
Freemont/Zhang DLS-MX-0575   1 1
Matthews DLS-MX-0493 1 1  
Murray DLS-MX-0580   1  

Care of dry shippers

Dry shippers should be stored empty.  Always warm up and completely dry out a shipper before refilling it again.  Complete warming up and drying out takes at least a week.  If you need to reuse a shipper before that, do not empty it but keep it cold.