Contact Lens Sensors

Contact lens is a ubiquitous technology used for vision correction and cosmetics. Sensing in contact lenses has emerged as a potential platform for minimally invasive point-of-care diagnostics. We have developed microfluidic contact lenses via laser patterning. The microfluidic contact lenses were functionalised with multiplexed fluorophores to demonstrate optical excitation and emission capability within the visible spectrum. The fabricated microfluidic contact lenses may have applications in ophthalmic monitoring of metabolic disorders at point-of-care settings and controlled drug release for therapeutics.

Moreddu, R., Elsherif, M., Adams, H., Cordeiro, M.F., Wolffsohn, J.S., Vigolo, D., Butt, H., Cooper, J.M., Yetisen, A.K. Integration of Paper Microfluidic Sensors into Contact Lens for Tear Fluid Analysis. Lab on a Chip, 20, 3970-3979 (2020) pdf

Images of microfluidic contact lenses showing microscale channels to transport fluids