Enterprise Holdings and Brompton Bikes pilot mobility hub

Mobility hub logoImperial is partnering with Enterprise Holdings and Brompton Bikes on a pilot Mobility Hub that will offer staff the chance to borrow a folding bike at no charge, in exchange for leaving cars at home. They will also have the opportunity to use an electric car and a hydrogen powered car once they arrive on campus, for intra-day business travel e.g. between campuses.

Applications are now open. If you would like to take part in the Mobility Hub pilot, please complete this survey by 15 April.

The Mobility Hub will launch on 22 April and allow access to the bikes and cars for two months for each participant groupParticipants in the pilot will also be able to access the Ethos cycling pack for free which includes: helmet lights, puncture repair kit, branded high-visibility backpack cover, and snap-on reflective bands.

We will also be looking to survey supportive staff who do not wish to take part in the mobility scheme but would like to help the College towards reaching its zero pollution and sustainability goals. By completing a short survey, you will be providing valuable insights on travel habits and motivations.

"Enterprise is pleased to provide electric and hydrogen powered cars for this innovative project. We are an industry leader in mobility and technology and have more than 60 years’ experience of providing shared transport services. Today we are working with a range of partners to develop sustainable mobility solutions which help reduce traffic congestion and carbon emissions, as well as encouraging active travel. The mobility hub pilot at Imperial will provide valuable insights and information which will enable all the partners to further develop their products and services to meet future transport needs. "

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Imperial staff who work at the South Kensington Campus are now being invited to apply to join the scheme by completing the Mobility Hub survey by 11 April. The survey responses will be used for research and to determine eligibility for the trial. Staff who do not wish to join the Mobility Hub trial are encouraged to complete the survey anyway to support Imperial research into sustainable transport.

Please contact James Perry at Move Imperial if you have any questions on the pilot that aren't answered on our frequently asked questions page.

The surveys will focus on travel habits, behaviours, motivations and perceived barriers to sustainable transport options.  They will also help to attempt to understand if and how an intervention, such as a mobility hub, can increase modal shifts to sustainable and healthy modes of travel, and if such an intervention can reduce car ownership in the long run.

Alongside our partners Enterprise and Brompton, the project is a collaboration between the Dyson School of Design Engineering, the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial Business School, Move Imperial, Imperial Enterprise and four MSc Environmental Technology students, all under the umbrella of Imperial’s Transition to Zero Pollution.

This is a unique opportunity for staff to trial a bike before making a financial commitment. If you are not interested in joining the pilot but still want to know how Imperial can support your cycling, then follow the links below.