Personal Review and Development Plan (PRDP)

Imperial Expectations

PRDPs support the application of Imperial Expectations. When done well, PRDPs:

  • Celebrate achievements
  • Enhance performance
  • Help staff to develop careers
  • Identify individual development plans

The College is committed to creating a supportive, inclusive and highly motivated staff community across all disciplines, functions and activities. One of the ways we do this is through the annual Personal Review and Development Plan process (PRDP).

James Stirling

People perform at their best when they feel engaged and valued, are clear about what they need to achieve, and are given opportunities to learn and develop. The PRDP process is one significant method we use to help us achieve this"

James Stirling


Information about PRDPs

Key principles

A PRDP is a conversation that focuses on the previous year's work, plans and objectives for the forthcoming year, and includes the preparation of an individual development plan.

It is recommended that PRDPs take place on a regular annual cycle, in line with local requirements. 

The conversation in a PRDP is broader in focus than in more regular one-to-ones. Time should be specifically allocated to cover a review of the previous year, and to discuss and agree the specific aims and objectives for the next year, which should include details of personal and career development and aspirations. 

Training and support

PRDP Training

PRDP Briefing Sessions are offered to individuals as part of the open training programme. They can also be delivered directly to specific departments upon request, please contact

Skills development

The Learning and Development Centre offers a range of programmes to support effective PRDP conversations:


There are further sources of support for your development including:

Your PRDP forms


The College produces guidance and forms to support meaningful PRDPs. They are prompts, to shape and support meaningful conversations. They suggest topics to be covered and provide a basic means of recording the most useful areas of the PRDP conversation.


To reflect the general differences in roles and responsibilities, sample forms have been created for:

Appraisals for Clinical Academic Staff are agreed between Imperial and associated NHS Trusts, information and forms are available

Departments may create their own documentation as long as they contain some core elements. Learning and Development Centre consultants will work with departments wishing to vary documentation. 

Further questions

If you have questions about PRDPs, then you can contact Lindsay Comalie, Learning & Development Consultant (Equality Focus).