Senior Staff

DLS Leads

  • Dr Chris Nicklin

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    Dr Chris Nicklin Science Group Leader for Structures and Surfaces at Diamond Light Source

  • Dr Paul Quinn

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    Dr Paul Quinn Science Group Leader for Imaging at Diamond Light Source

  • Dr Sofia Diaz-Moreno

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    Dr Sofia Diaz-Moreno Science Group Leader for Spectroscopy at Diamond Light Source

Research Staff

DLS Research Staff

  • Dr Thokozile Kathyola

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    Dr Thokozile Kathyola Research Associate at Diamond Light Source

Postgraduate Students


  • Calum Green

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    Calum Green Research Postgraduate

    Research Project

    Title: Developing Solutions for Multimodal Heterogeneous Data Fusion

    Supervisors: Professor Daniele Dini (ICL) and Dr Paul Quinn (DLS)