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  • Dr Huw Shiel

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    Dr Huw Shiel Research Associate

    Research Area

    Development of correlative operando  characterisation approaches using soft x-ray techniques

  • Dr Takeshi Kurotori

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    Dr Takeshi Kurotori Research Associate

    Research Area

    Multimodal Characterization of Transport in Porous Materials

Postgraduate Students

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  • Connor Wright

    Connor Wright

    Personal details

    Connor Wright Research Postgraduate

    Research project

    Title: Spectro-microscopy of Electrochemical Interfaces for the Energy Transition

    Supervisors: Professor Mary Ryan, Professor Magda Titirici and Dr Ronny Pini

  • Stavros Ntioudis

    Stavros Ntioudis

    Personal details

    Stavros Ntioudis Research Postgraduate

    Research project

    Title: Developing a physics-based modelling framework for capturing mechanochemical interactions at solid-fluid interfaces

    Supervisors: Professor Daniele Dini and Dr James P. Ewen

  • Fionn Carman

    Personal details

    Fionn Carman Research Postgraduate

    Research Project

    Title: Molecular understanding of near-surface thermal gradients in cooling fluids to improve battery lifetime and thermal management

    Supervisors: Professor Daniele Dini, Professor Fernando Bresme and Dr Billy Wu

  • Calum Green

    Personal details

    Calum Green Research Postgraduate

    Research Project

    Title: Developing Solutions for Multimodal Heterogeneous Data Fusion

    Supervisors: Professor Daniele Dini (ICL) and Dr Paul Quinn (DLS)

  • Neil Mulcahy

    Personal details

    Neil Mulcahy Research Postgraduate

    Research Project

    Title: Correlative operando and cryo-techniques for visualising structure and chemistry in nanoscale systems

    Supervisors: Professor Mary Ryan and Dr Shelly Conroy

  • Mohamed Saleh

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    Mohamed Saleh Research Postgraduate

    Research Project

    Title: Water-rock reactions for CO2 storage

    Supervisors: Dr Sam Krevor, Professor Martin Trusler and Professor Mary Ryan

  • Killian Gmyrek

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    Killian Gmyrek Research Postgraduate

    Research Project

    Title: Chemical Transport and Adsorption in Hierarchical Porous Solids

    Supervisors: Dr Ronny Pini, Professor Camille Petit and Professor Martin Blunt