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AB - We study collisions of ultracold CaF molecules in strong static electric fields. These fields allow the creationof long-range barriers in the interaction potential, effectively preventing the molecules from reaching theshort-range region where inelastic and other loss processes are likely to occur. We carry out coupled-channelcalculations of rate coefficients for elastic scattering and loss. We develop an efficient procedure for includingenergetically well-separated rotor functions in the basis set via a Van Vleck transformation. We show thatshielding is particularly efficient for CaF and allows the rate of two-body loss processes to be reduced by a factorof 107 or more at a field of 23 kV/cm. The loss rates remain low over a substantial range of fields. Electron andnuclear spins cause strong additional loss in some small ranges of field, but have little effect elsewhere. Theseresults pave the way for evaporative cooling of CaF towards quantum degeneracy
AU - Mukherjee,B
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TI - Shielding collisions of ultracold CaF molecules with static electric fields
T2 - Physical Review Research
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