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AB - In the near future BabyIAXO will be the most powerful axion helioscope,relying on a custom-made magnet of two bores of 70 cm diameter and 10 mlong, with a total available magnetic volume of more than 7 m3. In thisdocument, it proposes and describe the implementation of low-frequencyaxion haloscope setups suitable for operation inside the BabyIAXO magnet.The RADES proposal has a potential sensitivity to the axion-photon couplingga down to values corresponding to the KSVZ model, in the (currentlyunexplored) mass range between 1 and 2 eV, after a total effective exposureof 440 days. This mass range is covered by the use of four differentlydimensioned 5-meter-long cavities, equipped with a tuning mechanism basedon inner turning plates. A setup like the one proposed will also allow anexploration of the same mass range for hidden photons coupled to photons.An additional complementary apparatus is proposed using LC circuits andexploring the low energy range (≈ 10−4 − 10−1 eV). The setup includes acryostat and cooling system to cool down the BabyIAXO bore down to about 5K, as well as an appropriate low-noise signal amplification anddetection chain.
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