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AB - Quantum effects on optical beam propagation in a gain medium having distributed loss are analyzed using an amplifier-attenuator array model. For the amplifier-attenuator set, the Wigner function of the output field is related to that of the input field by a convolution law. Using this, we derive the Fokker-Planck equation for the beam propagation in the distributed amplifier with loss, and the added quantum noise is analyzed by solving this equation. When the amplification just compensates the attenuation, the mean amplitude of the signal does not change but the mean energy increases due to the added noise. Even in this case, the photon number variance can be reduced when a proper phase-sensitive reservoir is incorporated.
AU - Kim,MG
AU - Imoto,N
AU - Cho,K
AU - Kim,MS
EP - 384
SN - 0030-4018
SP - 377
TI - Quantum noise in optical beam propagation in distributed amplifiers
VL - 130
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