Bullseye The prospectus contributes to the evidence base upon which the RCUK Energy Programme can plan activities alongside Government, RD&D funding bodies, the private sector and other relevant stakeholders. The Prospectus highlights links along the innovation chain from basic science through to commercialisation. It is intended to be a flexible and adaptable tool that takes explicit account of uncertainties so that it can remain robust against emerging evidence about research achievements and policy priorities.

The Prospectus is framed by a main report spanning the entire energy domain. It sets out the policy context and the role which individual technologies and approaches (such as behaviour change) might contribute. It draws on existing policy documents and deployment roadmaps..

The main report is underpinned by a set of documents referring to specific areas of energy research. These cover human capacity and training and skills needs as well as research. The primary communication tool for the roadmap is this website. The main report has been made available in hard copy.