Here we set out articles written by the Fellowship team that offer fresh insight into important energy innovation topics. These draw upon recent research outputs and experiences. Please note that these articles are not peer-reviewed.

Converging ArrowsThe Nurse Review

Dr Aidan Rhodes shares a few thoughts on the Nurse Review and its impact.

Fabruary 2016

Drawing a clean energy future. Photo ©CWP.Wind technology innovation in China

Rui Hu explores how China’s wind technology innovation system operates and has evolved over the years.

Feburary 2016

Photo courtesy of the China Wind Power Conference 2015

lighting innovation Energy innovation to tackle climate change: why, what and how?

In light of COP21 in Paris later this year Matthew Hannon examines the need for energy innovation and ways to support this.

July 2015 

thermometer Raising the temperature of the UK heat pump market: Learning lessons from Finland

Matthew Hannon explores the how the UK could kickstart its heat pump market to deliver on its 4th carbon budget.

June 2015

Photo courtesy of Rawich and

Japan The Fellowship Team Visits Japan

Aidan Rhodes reports on the Fellowship Team's first country field visit - to Japan to investigate its world-leading innovation system

March 2015


IPCC Synthesis Report: The Final Slog

Jim Skea discusses his time spent in Copenhagen during October to take part in the final act of IPCC’s Fifth Assessment cycle

Dec 8th 2014

BogataCollaboration in Columbia

Aidan Rhodes talks about his trip to Columbia to promote UK-Columbia research and innovation collaboration

Dec 8th 2014