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Greening Imperial is a cross-campus and community initiative that aims to transform Imperial into a university that is a pioneer and exemplar in sustainability, ultimately becoming one of the most sustainable and respected universities globally. The motivation for this initiative comes from a realisation that Imperial is lagging behind its peers and that significant demand exists amongst students and staff for the college to improve its ethical and environmental policies, practices and performance. This was evident from a student and staff survey conducted in 2017. 

You can read the Greening Imperial Report here: Greening Imperial - A Call for Action

Existing action on sustainability is described on the Estates Sustainability pages.

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Greening Imperial will improve Imperial's performance related to sustainability and enhance its actions on tackling environmental challenges and climate change. This includes reducing reputational risk and improving its global leadership standing in the world, both in research and operations.

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Get involved

If you have any ideas on how the College can improve how it integrates sustainability and action on climate change into its operations, education, research and support to the wider community, or would like to be involved in the project in the future, please contact

Students interested in Greening Imperial should consider joining the Imperial College Environmental Society for a range of sustainability activities including campaigns on waste reduction, low-carbon diets, reducing the impact of the fashion industry and a food Co-op!


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Imperial Estates

The Energy and Environment Team currently undertakes work related to sustainability in the College’s operations across the whole of Imperial College London. Find out more about Imperial Estates.

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To find out more, email the Greening Imperial Team: