graphic with the words drink refill repeat and drawings of bottles

Since the summer of 2018 Greening Imperial has achieved the following:

  • Removal of single-use plastic glasses from catering outlet water stations – saving up to 850,000 cups/year (from 1st Oct 2018)
  • Trial of ‘bring your own container’ for takeaways from the Library Café on South Kensington campus (from 1st Oct 2018)
  • Trial of the replacement of plastic bottles with metal cans in selected catering outlets
  • Monthly visits for students and staff to the Environment Society allotment (last Tuesday of the month – join us by e-mailing us

The following are being discussed as potential future changes:

  • The introduction of a disposable coffee cup levy
  • Changing single-use plastic cutlery to a more environmentally-friendly alternative
  • Increasing the amount of green space on our campuses

 Please send any of your own suggestions for sustainability improvements to