graphic with the words drink refill repeat and drawings of bottles

Since the summer of 2018 Greening Imperial has achieved the following:

  • A trial of Meat Free Mondays (from 7 Jan 2019)
  • Removal of single-use plastic glasses from catering outlet water stations – saving up to 850,000 cups/year (from 1 Oct 2018).
  • Introduction of ‘bring your own container’ for hot, portioned takeaways from all Campus Services catering outlets (from 1 Nov 2018).
  • Introduction of a 15p levy for every hot drink served in disposable coffee cups (from 5 Nov 2018). This charge is being introduced to reduce the 2,750 single-use disposable cups being used across our campuses daily.
  • Replacement of single-use plastic cutlery with FSC-certified reusable wooden cutlery.
  • Monthly visits for students and staff to the Environment Society allotment (last Tuesday of the month – join us by e-mailing us

The following are being discussed as potential future changes:

  • Increasing the amount of green space on our campuses.
  • Increasing the number of water stations across our campuses.
  • Increasing the amount of bike parking – bike racks at the Centre for Environmental Policy are currently being investigated.
  • Participation of a small number of laboratories in a pilot of the Laboratory Environmental Assessment Framework (LEAF).
  • Buying electricity from renewable sources.
  • Participation in the National Union of Students Sustainable Development Goals Teach-In (18-22 Feb).
  • Investigating the Imperial carbon footprint from aviation and options for incentivising rail travel and offsetting.

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