The Times - 14th March 2023
Access to Horizon Europe is finally within reach – Rishi Sunak must not waver now
The prime minister is right to put science at the heart of the UK’s growth strategy.

The Times - 12th March 2023
How to make Britain a science superpower — by the superbrains
Rishi Sunak wants us to lead the world in innovation. Ben Spencer asks the experts in biotech, healthcare, AI and energy how we do it.

Science Business - 7th February 2023
US Inflation Reduction Act ‘existential threat’ to EU and UK.
Hugh Brady, argues Washington’s vast green tech stimulus makes UK association to Horizon Europe crucial.

The Evening Standard - 27th January 2023
Imperial chief: We risk shutting out best students.
The President of Imperial College London said the university would not be able to compete on the global stage without its international students.

The Financial Times - 23rd January 2023
President's Open Letter: Science collaborations are Britain’s springboard to the world.
George Freeman, the science minister, is right to state that Britain’s preferred position is to remain close to Horizon Europe, the €95bn EU research programme.

The Financial Times - 4th January 2023
UK universities turn to philanthropy to bolster finances.
Philanthropy and endowment money is becoming an increasingly important source of income for some of the UK’s leading universities, according to the president of one of the world’s top-ranking science research institutions.


The Guardian - 24th Sept 2022
Imperial College London: Inside the university that is in the business of studying.
At number five in this year’s rankings, up from seven last year, the university’s rep as the place for go-getters and entrepreneurs continues to flourish.