The Imperial Together Action Plan is a key driver in our work to strengthen College culture, using direct input from our staff and students to build a positive, respectful and inclusive environment for all.

high-level summary [pdf] and the full Action Plan [pdf] are available to download. 

The Action Plan reflects the key ambitions and objectives resulting from the College’s major projects around building and promoting a positive culture: the Working Together Task Group, the College Values and Behaviours, and the development of the People Strategy.

The objectives identified in the Action Plan bring together issues highlighted in a series of conversations with Imperial’s staff and student communities, as well as the input of project boards overseeing various initiatives around College culture. Each addresses a specific theme from strengthening the sense of community at Imperial to managing high levels of workload, making improvements to our policies and processes and supporting senior leadership. 

To deliver ongoing progress on these objectives, an Imperial Together Action Group, chaired by ProConsul Professor Peter Openshaw, will provide oversight, monitor progress and measure the impact and success of these actions on improving College culture over the next two years. Detailed information about the Action Group is listed below.

Imperial Together Action Group

The College has launched a new Imperial Together Action Plan that brings together the College’s various culture change initiatives and projects under one umbrella, including the College Values and Behaviours, recommendations of the Working Together Task Group report and initiatives of the new People Strategy. The purpose of the Imperial Together Action Group is to both oversee and support progress of the action plan, and to ensure involvement of the community voice, which should be learned from and reflected through ongoing implementation of the action plan. Members will also take it on themselves to engage with their constituencies, communicating and listening, to increase awareness and understanding. The Group will report to Provost’s Board.


Imperial Together Action Group

Terms of Reference

The Group will monitor progress of the Action Plan by:

  1. Ensuring actions are progressed and embedded in College business as usual activities to ensure ongoing culture change
  2. Receiving regular reports on implementation and progress from action owners
  3. Listening to and learning from ongoing feedback from the College community to ensure views, ideas and examples of good practice are reflected and acted upon and that the Action Plan continues to achieve its objective of positive culture change
  4. Monitoring the impact and success of these actions on improving College culture through regular measures of success, in particular through the Staff Survey and other College and ICU pulse surveys
  5. Reporting on progress and lessons learnt to Provost’s Board, and taking recommendations of any proposed changes to the Action Plan to the Board for approval
  6. Ensuring progress of the Action Plan, best practice and measures of success are shared with the College community, supported by the Communications team

Due to the long-term nature of implementing culture change, it is proposed that the group is convened for two years initially, with a review of progress and governance arrangements at the end of this period.


  • Consul, Proconsul or Dean (Co-Chair) – Peter Openshaw
  • Student ICU President (Co-Chair) – Hayley Wong
  • Dean – Francisco Veloso
  • Vice-Provost (Research and Enterprise) – Mary Ryan
  • Director of HR – Harbhajan Brar
  • Professional Services Representative – Richard Martin
  • Head of Department Representative – Deborah Ashby
  • Deputy Director of Organisational Development – Susan Littleson


  • Secretary (HR / OD team)
  • Communications representative - Jesse Alter


The Panel will provide an annual report on progress against the Action Plan and lessons learnt to Provost’s Board.

Meeting dates

  • 03 March 202
  • 07 June 2022
  • 26 October 2022
  • 28 November 2022
  • 20 February 2023
  • 13 June 2023
  • 5 September 2023 
  • 5 December 2023