A portait of Professor Ian WalmlseyAs we emerge from the pandemic, we are entering a new era in which the ways we teach, research and work will develop to meet the needs of the world around us. Its an appropriate time to rethink how we work together as a community and how we structure our personal interactions to support our important work and one another.

Through our efforts to define our Values and Behaviours, actions resulting from the Working Together Task Group report and the roll-out of new digital tools for reporting unacceptable behaviour, we are helping build a community where everyone feels supported to thrive and give their best. We are also determined to eliminate destructive interactions from our working culture, developing instead the kindness and mutual support which underpin the best teams.

We have developed Imperial Together to connect all of our important initiatives around cultural change and to reinforce that it is everyones responsibility – all staff and all students – to help drive this positive culture, turning individual actions into collective change.

We are realistic. We know it will take time to embed the kind of change in culture that we all wish to see, but the initiatives of Imperial Together signal the Colleges commitment to creating an outstanding, collaborative and compassionate culture for our staff and students. This is a prize worth striving for.

I hope you will join with this effort to build the very best possible environment in which we can study, teach, research and work with one another. Together, we are Imperial.

Professor Ian Walmsley, Provost