Nicolas VaucheletIn Autumn 2016 I spent 3 months in the Mathematics Department at Imperial College London as an ICL-CNRS fellow. During my stay, I had the opportunity to work with students and professors from this department. In particular, since there are several researchers specialising in the application of mathematics in biology, an area that I really like, I started to collaborate with them. More precisely, we have studied incompressible limits for models describing the growth of tissue. In these works, we described the dynamics of a tissue thanks to the dynamics of the cells density within this tissue. Cells are assumed to grow and to divide by mitosis and their interaction is modeled by pressure forces exerted between cells. When the cells are assumed to be incompressible, the mathematical model may be viewed as a geometrical model where the tissue is modeled by the dynamics of its domain. These studies aim at understanding the behavior of cellular tissue in human body, for instance the growth of tumor. Some results obtained on this topic have been published and one year after my stay, I am still continuing to interact on these works with colleagues from ICL. My stay as an ICL-CNRS fellow was very enriching. The working conditions at ICL are amazing and my interactions with colleagues from here allow me to develop very interesting studies.

Host: Professor Pierre Degond

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