Registration for autumn term 2023

will open on 25 September and will close on 16 October at 9.00 am.

This online programme of guided writing support is designed for second-year doctoral students scoring level 1 or level 2 on DACR A2. The goal is to enable students to take charge of their own writing development and boost their progress to the next stage. The participants will be given the tools to identify and correct persistent errors and issues in their own work. This online programme will take place over an 8-week period and will consist of guided self-study and short 1:1 meetings. Participants receive an enriched diagnosis at the start of the programme, which informs the focus of the guided self-study. 1:1 sessions are used to assess progress, give guidance and provide targeted feedback.

Students on this course are also strongly recommended to take advantage of our self-study provision.

Programme eligibility

If you are eligible for Improving Academic Writing (i.e. if you are a 2nd-year doctoral student scoring level 1 or level 2 on DACR A2), you will receive the recommendation and registration link for this programme with your DACR A2 result. 

Please note that registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Online delivery