Our Effective Speaking courses provide doctoral students with practical training in successful oral communication. The courses focus on aspects of speaking such as audience awareness, voice control, vocabulary control, signposting, and body language. They give students the space to rehearse speaking activities such as presentations, vivas and seminars, as well as the day-to-day interactions of academic life. The aim is to upgrade students' oral communication through intensive practice and detailed feedback. 

All Effective Speaking courses run for 4 weeks with no more than 16 participants. The in-person on campus and online courses cover identical material but are delivered via a different mode. When selecting a course, please note if it is being delivered online or on campus. Each week's live session lasts 90 minutes. Students will also be asked to spend at least 30 minutes preparing for the live session and are encouraged to do follow-up practice after each sessionEach course has been designed for students at different stages of their PhD, so please choose the course designed for you. 

Please make sure you register for the course that corresponds to the stage of your doctoral programme (e.g. if you're in your final year, you should register for Effective Speaking 3). 

The Business School requests that their students and staff contact their Global Skills Development team about their equivalent to the Centre for Academic English provision.