Global Skills Development provides a range of year-round, face-to-face and online support tailored to the needs of Business School students.

Global skills include the ability to communicate with individuals from diverse social and cultural backgrounds, the ability to function within international teams, and an open-mindedness to a range of perspectives and attitudes. Together, these are highly desirable competencies for the global workplace. Business School students represent over 80 countries, and this diversity enables our community to expand its global awareness and learn about the impact of culture on businesses and working practices as they work together in groups to undertake multiple projects throughout the academic year.

Our provision includes:

  • workshops on working in teams and cross-cultural competence
  • weekly global business news discussion groups
  • 1-to-1 English language support
  • programme specific writing and presentation workshops
  • a range of 1-to-1 study skills consultations
  • presentation rehearsals
  • language checks for CV and cover letters
  • MBTI
  • Online study skills modules available on the Hub
James McCloskey

James McCloskey

Lead Consultant, Global Skills Development

Martin Lisboa

Martin Lisboa

Consultant, Global Skills Development