The Artificial Intelligence Network

AI has recently become ubiquitous in academia, society and industry alike, and it could solve the great challenges of our time, shape tomorrow’s world and even make our lives that bit more comfortable. At Imperial, our view of AI is as follows:

"AI is a question: how to devise a system that solves a problem that requires human intelligence to solve."

There are many ways to answer the AI question. A common contemporary answer is Machine Learning, ie. have an AI learn like a child from experience (data) to act intelligently. Thus, learning requires data, and this links our view of AI closely to data science and data engineering (Big Data). Moreover, there are few problems in AI that do not require human interaction with AI, therefore we have a significant focus on Human-AI-interaction including trust in AI and privacy in AI.

Our network spans all faculties of Imperial, from Engineering, Natural Sciences to Medicine and the Business School to provide an inclusive, holistic answer to how AI can help solve our planet's major challenges. Imperial College London has a history of excellence in AI, starting from the seventies, and offers a wide range of expertise in AI research, spanning several departments. 

The Cross-Faculty Network in AI is an open, grass-roots network. This means any academic at Imperial can join by simply sending an email to The AI Network is run through monthly executive committee meetings. These meetings are open for all members to attend. Regular attendees of the meeting will be considered the current members of the executive committee. 

The meetings are held on the every month, at the Data Science Institute Boardroom. Lunch will be provided.