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Selene's Viva Celebration

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Dublin Conference

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Nigel's birthday


Yun_thumbnailProfessor Xiao Yun Xu

Proconsul, Professor & Director of Graduate School


Nigel_thumbnailProfessor Nigel Wood

Honorary Professorial Research Fellow

Post-Doctoral Fellows



Chloe Armour

Research Topic: "Development of an integrated clinical imaging and computational modelling workflow for non-invasive assessment of hemodynamics in pulmonary hypertension - towards a digital twin."


Yu Zhu

Research topic: "Evaluate the Hemodynamic Performances of Novel Techniques and  Devices for Endovascular Repair of  Aortic Aneurysms by Using Computational Fluid  Dynamics"



Xiaoxin Kan

Research topic: "Predicting stent induced new entry evolution in patient-specific Stanford B aortic dissection model"

PhD Students



Zhongjie Yin

Research Topic: "Multiscale modelling of valve thrombosis following bioprosthetic aortic valve implantation"


Kaihong Wang

Research Topic: "Predicting aortic growth and disease progression in Type B aortic dissection"


Yilin Yang

Research Topic: "Multiscale modelling of thrombolytic therapies for the treatment of ischemic stroke."



Sihan Jiang

Research Topic: "Evaluate the impact of myocardial trabeculae on cardiac function through hydrodynamic effects."



George Caddy

Research Topic: "Mathematical modelling of nanoparticle transport through tumours for application in radiotherapy"


Binghuan Li

Research Topic: "AI-Assisted Biomechanics Modelling of Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair."



Academic Visitors

Alireza Jafarinia 2023.5-2023.6

Alireza Jafarinia, in his research visit to our group from 2023.5 to 2023.6 at Imperial College London, aimed to validate a novel computational thrombosis model developed by the candidate in collaboration with Dr. Chloe Harriet Armour at Imperial College London.  Specifically, his research is to refine our thrombosis model and improve validations with patient-specific imaging data.

Jincheng Liu 2023.9-2024.3

His PhD research work mainly focuses on the development of non-invasive diagnostic techniques for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular. During his PhD, He developed a series of noninvasive diagnostic methods and systems, including noninvasive computation of fractional flow reserve fraction (FFR) and noninvasive computation of cerebral blood flow and oxygen metabolism. These innovative methods enable physiologically intelligent computation of coronary and cerebral blood flow, providing the feasibility of non-invasive measurement of clinical cardiovascular and cerebrovascular-related indices. 



Sampad Sengupta

Research topic: "Analysis of haemodynamics and biomechanics of endografts for complex aortic arch repair"

Selene Pirola

Research topic: “Patient-Specific Analysis of the Hemodynamic Performance of Surgical and Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacements”.

Mei Yan Chong

Research topic: "Development of an integrated computational framework for prediction of treatment outcomes in aortic dissection patients".

Emily Manchester

Research topic: "Understanding the effects of turbulence and transition in patients with aortic valve disease and different aortic valve prostheses".

Boram Gu

Research topic: “Development of engineered liposomes for targeted thrombolytic therapy”

Moath Alamer

Research topic: "Multi-scale modelling of drug delivery to solid tumors"

Yu Huang
Research topic: "Development of a multiphysics model for focused ultrasound-mediated drug delivery to brain tumour"

Nasrul Hadi Johari

Research topic: "Evaluation of carotid artery stents by using combined ultrasound and OCT imaging for patient-specific analysis"

Claudia Menichini

Research topic: "Fluid dynamics and thrombus formation in dissected aorta"

Claudio Carallo

Internal medicine doctor, Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Catanzaro, Italy
Research topic: "Effect of ageing on carotid artery morphology, hemodynamics, and the development of atherosclerosis"

Harkamaljot Kandail (Rocky)

Research topic: "Analysis of haemodynamic forces in fenestrated and branched endografts for endovascular repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms"

Andris Piebalgs

Research topic: “Development of a multi-physics model for thermosensitive liposomal delivery of drugs activated by focused ultrasound”.

Wenbo‎ Zhan 
Research topic: "Mathematical Modelling of Drug Delivery to Solid Tumour"

Afet Mehmet
Research topic: "Analysis of blood flow in the pulmonary arteries of patients with Eisenmenger syndrome"

Ana Irene Crispin Corzo

Research topic: “Investigation of geometric features and flap motion on the progression of aortic dissection”

Shelly Singh (Gryzbon)

Research topic: "Development of computational methods for personalised assessment of the biomechanical functions of the Marfan aorta"

Oluwatoyin Fatona
Research topic: “Analysis of morphology and flow in the aorta: comparison between bicuspid and tricuspid aortic valves”

Zhongjie Wang
Research topic: "Analysis of carotid wall mechanics based on ultrasound imaging"

Xin Zhang
Research topic: “Development of thermal sensitive liposomes for targeted delivery and controlled release of drug”

MSc and Exchange Students

Meng Wu 
MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London  

Sanchit Singal 
"Simulation of blood flow in common carotid artery: Comparison of different non-Newtonian blood viscosity models".
Integrated Masters of Technology in Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technlogogy (IIT), Kharagpur

Ana Morgado 
"Analysis of flow in branched stent-grafts for endovascular repair of the aortic arch"

Loukas Kollias
MSc in Advanced Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London