The lab hosts two different drop towers, one bespoke and Instron 9450.  Both utilise gravity to drop a mass from a height onto the specimen therefore generating impact loading conditions. Gravity is assisted by bungy cords in our bespoke tower and springs in the Instron tower in order to achieve the desired impact speeds. We have used these machines and a sister machine (Instron Dynatup 9250-HV) in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering to conduct dynamic characterisation of soft and skeletal tissue, shock absorbing materials, and shock absorbing structures

The two drop towers

Technical Specifications

Impact velocity: 0.77-24 m/s
Drop height: 0.03-29.4 m
Mass range: 2-70 kg
Axial force: 0.45-222 kN

Controller and Software

The Instron 9450 is controlled by Bluehill® Impact, providing a set of pre-configured methods and testing scenarios.



- High-speed video


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