Screw-driven uniaxial materials testing machine. Our longest standing laboratory testing machine, it has been used for material and structural characterisation of soft and skeletal tissue, and implant and fixation systems.

Instron 5866

Technical Specifications

Load capacity: ±10 kN
Load cells: 10 N, 50 N, 500 N, 10 kN
Actuator speed: 0.005 - 500 mm/min

Controller and Software

The 5866 is supplied with a series 5800 controller provideing full system control using Instron’s custom Bluehill® software. 


- Tensile grips
- Compression platens
- 3p and 4p bending fixtures
- Multiple bespoke fixtures


Data acquisition using Instron’s embedded system

- Axial force
- Displacement

LVDTs (RDP Electronics Ltd)

- D6/00500A
- DCWV500A-L50


- High-speed video
- DIC 



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