Digital Technology Executive Programme

The challenge

Sberbank aims to consolidate its position as a leading financial institute and become one of the world’s foremost finance and technology companies. Core to this strategic objective is the ability to compete with global tech firms while maintaining their status as trusted Bank for companies and individuals and to unlock the potential of digital technologies to innovate their products and services. In 2019, Sberbank partnered with Imperial College Business School Executive Education to design a learning solution for Sberbank’s Senior Executives – a solution that would harness Imperial’s expertise, research, and the latest thinking on a range of cutting-edge technologies to deliver pan-organisational impact.

The programme

The Digital Technology Executive Programme was delivered in partnership with Sberbank Corporate University to a diverse cohort of Senior Executives from a breadth of specialisms.

In the first module at Sberbank Corporate University in Moscow, participants completed a two-week programme of advanced maths, machine learning and Python coding plus an initial exploration of AI, neural network, OCR and NLP applications. The second module was an intensive eight-day learning experience at Imperial’s campus in central London. Here, participants were immersed in the latest research in artificial intelligence – including brain and behavioural research and drone technologies – IoT applications for industry and for the home, data governance and privacy, cloud technology and more.

Learning integrated lectures and discussions with key Imperial faculty and expert guest speakers from industry with practical hands-on sessions including coding tasks and visits to Imperial’s leading research centres and experiential labs. The programme was further enriched by the interchange of diverse peer perspectives and project-based ideation around the types of technologies that could drive new client solutions within the Bank.

The Impact

Throughout and on completion of the programme, the participants presented a range of tech-based innovation proposals to Sberbank’s Executive Board, with the goal of receiving support and resources for future development.

Participants reported a deeper understanding of the impact of new technologies on the organisation’s ability to deliver existing offerings, as well as their potential to drive new products and services for customers.

Participants also said that they had gained a new “lexicon” and the confidence to engage effectively not only with internal experts but also external corporate clients who were themselves looking to generate and apply new ideas and tech-enabled processes. Indeed, the programme has received such positive internal feedback subsequent cohorts are consistently oversubscribed.

Imperial College Business School and Sberbank continue to enjoy a rich and diverse collaboration in the continuous development and delivery of this programme. The relationship has also been extended to see both partners co-attend events and forums such as Sberbank’s annual Learning and Development conference and the World Economic Forum.

Working with Imperial College Executive Education we are able to partner with a world class technology and research University and a globally recognised Business School. This unique combination of the Business School and their ability to bring in the faculties from across the University who can advise and inform our Senior Leaders on the very latest research, thinking and application of innovative technologies has been key to the success of this programme. Faculty can share with us examples from their contacts in large global businesses and small start-ups who can discuss the way technologies can be adapted into products and services for end users. Bringing together this knowledge of technology and understanding of business has been key to the success of this programme. We have been delighted to get access to a range of Imperial labs to help our Senior Leaders make connections between science, technology and business.

- Igor Baranov, Vice Dean, Education and Research, Sberbank Corporate University

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