Key information

Duration: 9 weeks (virtual, part-time)
Programme dates:
9 September -
Fees: £2,450

Programme Overview

Digital innovation is transforming the global business context exponentially. Keeping pace with change and ahead of potential disruption is contingent on building a deep understanding of the opportunities and risks. And forging a strategy robust enough to weather the uncertainty ahead.

Imperial College Business School’s Digital Transformation Strategy live online programme is an immersive and transformational nine-weeks learning experience.  You emerge empowered with:

  • A robust understanding of digital transformation
  • Clarity on the key challenges that can help and hinder a successful digital transformation strategy
  • A digital transformation strategy for your organisation that can be taken away and implemented
  • A unique opportunity to stress-test your strategy with industry experts and a network of experienced peers

Who should attend?

Imperial’s Digital Transformation Strategy programme is expertly calibrated to equip mid to senior-level executives with the real-world insights and practical skills to develop and execute game-changing digital transformation strategies.

This live online course convenes a diverse and international cohort with participants from a range of countries, job functions and industries.

Learning objectives

  • Explore the technology driving digital transformation and what it means for our organisations.
  • Learn the steps required to implement an effective digital transformation strategy. Build the plan and the team you need to succeed.
  • Discover a structured framework to build towards agile existence, as you analyse the successes and failures of other organisations.
  • Determine key objectives and vision required to lead digital transformation and how to secure leadership buy-in throughout the process.
  • Explore the role of data science in driving change, and the importance of data visualization.
  • Build the communication skills and language to move stakeholders in support of your initiatives.
  • Learn about the technologies, techniques, and processes that can make or break your digital transformation – and the risks and opportunities that each of them offers.
  • Build measurement frameworks for iterative improvements and measure ROI to determine success.
  • Master a variety of tools and techniques, learn how to apply design thinking concepts to your digital transformation strategy, and practice them. Understand how these concepts can provide innovative solutions to common challenges, and gain feedback from experts.
  • Discover the value of constant iteration and innovation in order to build a change-tolerant culture across the organisation
  • Build your own Digital Transformation Strategy plan and perform a series of ‘stress tests’ to see how it performs.
  • Bring your learning together and then record a pitch of your final Digital Transformation strategy which will then receive feedback from our Digital Transformation experts.

What you will learn

  • Module 1: Digital Transformation in Perspective   
  • Module 2: Plotting Your Digital Journey
  • Module 3: The Digital Transformation Framework
  • Module 4: Framework – Foundations
  • Module 5: An introduction to Design Thinking
  • Module 6: Design Thinking challenges and Discover Phase 
  • Module 7: Fieldwork 
  • Module 8: The Role of Data in Driving Change
  • Module 9: Framework: Readiness
  • Module 10: Performance
  • Module 11: Iteration & Keeping Up With Change
  • Module 12: Define phase, Design phase, Deliver phase, and final presentations 
  • Module 13: Strategy Briefing 
  • Module 14: Group Coaching 
  • Module 15: Strategy Pitching 

Programme faculty

Daniel Rowles

Daniel Rowles

Programme Director

Daniel Rowles is a Lecturer at Imperial College Business School. He is also CEO of He has been working in Digital Marketing for more than 20 years and has extensive experience both client-side and in the agency context. Daniel Rowles is a Course Director for the CIM and a certified Google Squared trainer.

Ileana Stigliani

Ileana Stigliani

Imperial College Business School

Ileana Stigliani is Associate Professor of Design and Innovation at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Department. She received her Ph.D. in Management from Bocconi University, Milan. Her research focuses on the cognitive aspects of innovation. In particular, she studies how material artifacts and practices influence cognitive processes – such as sensemaking and sensegiving, categorisation, and perceptions of organisational and professional identities – within organisations.

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Key information

Duration: 9 weeks (virtual, part-time)
Programme dates:
9 September -
Fees: £2,450
Administrative label
Digital Transformation CTAs
Administrative label
Digital Transformation CTAs
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