Research Strategy

The Imperial Network of Excellence for Cancer Technology Network is managed by the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME), and is affiliated with the Imperial CRUK Centre ( ).

The Network brings together biomedical scientists/clinicians and physical scientists/engineers to forge new approaches to cancer research.  The network, built from a joint initiative between the Faculty of Engineering and the Imperial Cancer Research UK Centre, aims to foster cross-disciplinary research projects and work with funding bodies to promote this exciting new field with the goal of establishing a cross-faculty research centre for expanded research activity. The Network strives to use and develop core engineering technologies in an unrivalled convergent research environment where clinical technological advances in cancer are enabled in a way currently not possible.

The network is led by Dr Mengxing Tang (Bioengineering) and Prof Charles Coombes (Dept. of Surgery and Cancer) . The network  includes over 75 multi disciplinary academic research groups. Thematic areas of strength are listed below with respective cross faculty theme leaders. 


Thematic Areas and Leads

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Fluorescently tagged Brx-50 breast cancer cell clusters (green) injected into three day post-fertilization Tg(kdrl:mCherry) zebrafish.