Why should we attend?

You’ll get access to over 17,500 Imperial College students to promote your organisation and advertise your insight days, internships, placements and graduate opportunities. Our online Careers Fairs are heavily promoted giving you great exposure to highly talented students at a top ten global university.

When are the Careers Fairs?

Our online Careers Fairs run throughout the year. Each fair is accessible to all Imperial College students. See the individual careers fair pages for more details.

Are the Careers Fairs aimed at specific student groups?

No. Imperial students and alumni, from every discipline, can attend any of our Careers Fairs although each fair has a different industry focus.

What can we do at the Careers Fairs?

Our Career Fairs are simple yet effective. We’re using our JobsLive platform to host these online careers fairs, so hopefully you are already registered with this platform.

Our JobsLive platform allows you to participate by having a virtual stand which includes a general overview of your organisation. Additionally, you can set-up both live individually timed one to one slots and live group chat sessions so that you can capture as many students as possible.

As an addition to our online fairs, we will also be producing an accompanying e-brouchure. This will contain much more information about your organisation, drawn from the information that you supply on your booking form. The e-brochure will highlight, in simple tables, departments of interest, visas requirements and closing dates. Also, all your social media and website addresses will include live links. This e-brochure will be sent out to all students as part of the event promotion, so will have a huge reach across all Imperial College students.

What’s a “Virtual Stand”?

Your “virtual stand” will include an overview/description of your organisation. This will be listed on the fair page and will allow students to get a general idea of your organisation.

In order to further stand-out, make sure that you download your company logo on your companies JobsLive profile page. By doing this, the logo will also be displayed on your virtual stand.

On your virtual stand, students will then be able to view any group and individual chats that you are offering and book to see you at one of your one to one slots.

What are ''Live Chats''?

As part of our online fairs, there will be two "live chat" options:

  1. Live Group Chats - During the fair you can offer open sessions where students can just drop-in to speak to you in a group environment. Students will not need to book for these sessions and can therefore just drop-in anytime throughout the session.
  2. Individual one to one live chats - You can also offer individual one to one chats so that students can book a dedicated session with one of your representatives and discuss their own needs. 

Do I need to download software to attend the Careers Fair?

No. The whole event will be hosted on our Jobslive platform, so you will just need to log-in to your JobsLive account.

How do we book?

Choose which Careers Fair(s) you want to participate in and complete the relevant online booking form to register your organisation. Once we have confirmed your booking you can then start to build your event and add the live chat sessions that you wish to offer.

What advertising opportunities are there?

Increase your brand awareness with a advertising package. As part of each fair, we will be producing an e-brouchure, which will be emailed to all Imperial College students as part of the event marketing. Therefore this will have a large reach. Each online fair will offer different package options, so please look at each event that you are interested in and you can see the options available for that event.

Can students from other universities visit the Careers Fair?

No, this an exclusive event targeted at Imperial College students and alumni. Access to the event is restricted to those with an Imperial logon.

Do we need to resource the event when it is open to students?

Your virtual stand contains general information and will be live throughout the fair.  This element does not need staff to resource this element.

However, the live chat element of the fair, does need representatives to be present. How much representation you have on the live chats is still your decision as you can offer live group chats and live one-to-one slots throughout the whole fair or just at times that suit your schedule. For example, you could offer a live group chat for two hours of the fair and live one to one slots for another two hours. The number of live chat slots you can offer will depend on the number of representatives you dedicate to this event.

See the ‌Imperial Guide to Virtual Careers Fairs 2021