The I.T. and Technology Careers Fair is organised as a sector specific event for I.T. and technology graduate jobs and internships. This event provides you with an opportunity to explore a wide of technology firms who are promoting a wide range of opportunities to Imperial College students and recent alumni. All year groups of students are encouraged to participate, from first years to PhDs.

The I.T. and Technology Careers Fair will take place on Thursday 28 October 2021 - 10.00 - 15.00.

The Careers Fair will involve two elements:

Individual virtual stands

Each company will have a separate page with brief information about that organisation. 

In addition, we will be producing an e-brochure which will provide a wider range of information and this will include:

  • A description of the organisation
  • Details about application processes and deadlines
  • visa requirements
  • list of the departments from which they are recruiting from
  • A range of social media links, including, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and Twitter

Live chats

Each organisation will be able to offer live group chats and individual one to one sessions so that you can find out more about the organisations opportunities, culture and ask specific questions that relate to you.

Live Group Chats

These will be open sessions where you can drop-in and talk to organisation representatives, along with other students. You will not need to pre-book to attend these group chats, you can just drop-in during the event.

One to one sessions

Most organisations will also offer bookable one to one sessions with representatives from various areas of their businesses. This will give you the chance to talk about issues that are specific to you and find the direct information of interest. You will need to book to attend a slot that suits you and this will all be done via the careers fair hosted in JobsLive.

How to attend the fair?

To attend you need to register directly via JobsLive.

How to book a live individual chat

  • As part of the event, most organisations will be offering individual one to one sessions so that you can find out more about the specific areas that are of interest to you.
  • Once you have registered to attend the event, you can then start to book these individual slots
  • Simply click onto the organisations that you are interested in and see if they have any available live slots. If they do, you can book these sessions and add these to your schedule for the day of the fair.

How to attend live group chats

  • Some organisations will be offering open group chats where anyone can just drop-in to talk to the company representatives.
  • You do not need to pre-book for the group chats, just go to each organisations pages and see if they have a live group chat. If they do, you can simply join on the day of the event.

Careers Fairs are open to all Imperial students and recent Imperial alumni.

Please see the College Code of Conduct Policy