Postdocs at work in the CMBI

The CBRB is home to around 40 postdoctoral researchers working across the Centre's numerous research groups. Our postdocs come from a variety of backgrounds, not just microbiology, and from labs worldwide.  This helps to create a diverse research community where complementary expertise can readily be shared. 

Postdocs are either funded by the research grant of their group leader or obtain their own funding after developing a project together with a group leader. Postdocs who are interested in exploring opportunities at the CBRB should contact the group leader with whom they are interested in working. Vacant positions will be advertised on the College's Jobs webpage.

Being part of Imperial College, postdocs in the CBRB also have the opportunity to experience lecturing and supervising of degree course students. This, together with the advantages of shared equipment and a vibrant community means that the CBRB can provide an ideal platform for subsequent career steps. Early-career scientists who are already looking to establish scientific independence can learn more about Imperial’s prestigious Managed Fellowship Opportunities

Furthermore, the CBRB Postdoc Association (CPA) strives to enhance and enrich the experience of postdoctoral research staff and Junior Research Fellows within the Centre. As well as our own community, the College's Postdoc Development Centre provides support, training and development to help you reach the top of your career. They offer a range of development courses, events, coaching, mock interviews, mentoring and resources to all postdocs within the College.